Tedd Taskey, MS, LMFT

Tedd Taskey, MS – LMFT

Tedd M. Taskey is a psychotherapist and national empowerment consultant. Tedd’s private practice specializes in serving the unique needs and challenges of the high-powered, “A-type” personalities who often hold stressful positions of power and authority.

Having spent several years as an executive in corporate America prior to becoming a licensed psychotherapist, Tedd is uniquely qualified to deliver the finest in executive training. Knowing the realities of corporate life, Tedd continues to develop unique programs that develop effective interpersonal skills through experiential trainings designed to be delivered to the corporate setting. The trainings are built on years of experience utilizing cutting-edge principles found in psychotherapy, anger management, and couples counseling. The experiential trainings are designed to strengthen the manager-employee relationship, create value in employees, build a culture of trust and increase productivity in the work place as well as success and fulfillment in one’s personal life.