Decision Making

Decision making is a part of everyday life, whether deciding on a multi-billion dollar acquisition, or what kind of cream to put in your coffee.  Even the best, most intelligent people can become paralyzed by decision making.

The Decision Making experiential training has been developed from years of consulting and advising a broad range of clients from executive, doctors, and engineers to artists, moms, and gardeners.  Regardless of the decision at hand, there are universal obstacles that face us all when it comes to vetting the decision, pulling the trigger and having confidence in the decision. The Decision Making experiential will expose the natural human weaknesses that hamper our decision-making process, broaden your perspective on the decision at hand and empower you with the confidence needed to execute and follow through with your decision.

Attendees will learn, practice, and experience:

  • Accurately defining the actual decision to be made
  • Recognizing and working through the emotions associated with decision-making
  • Effectively vetting all possible options and outcomes of your decision
  • Gracefully changing course when your original decision proved to be less than optimal
  • Developing strategies to handle dissent and disapproval for your decisions

Effective Decision Making is not a standard, off-the-shelf training designed to fulfill an HR requirement, but an extraordinarily unique experiential training forged from a synthesis of cutting edge concepts and practices derived from psychotherapy, leadership consulting, and years of experience as a corporate insider.