Effective Communication Strategies (ECS)

ECS (Effective Communication Strategies) is an experiential corporate training program that builds a deeper, more sophisticated corporate culture of healthy, loyalty-inspiring interactions internally and with customers. Your team will learn, experience and practice the art of precise communications, self-awareness, and successfully navigating human interactions while remaining honest and unflappable.  This is the work your employees will want to bring home…and their families will be grateful for it!

ECS’s effectiveness is based on undeniable principles of the human psyche:

  • People have an innate desire to be heard
  • When people feel heard, they feel valued
  • Employees who feel valued are driven to provide superior service because they want their  work to  reflect their inner sense of value
  • Employees who feel valued will value the customers they serve
  • Customers who feel valued are loyal to the company who values them

ECS is not a standard, off-the-shelf training designed to fulfill an HR requirement, but an extraordinarily unique system delivering a synthesis of cutting edge concepts and practices derived from psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling, anger management, addictions counseling and trauma counseling.  ECS creates self-awareness, trust and a uniformed practice and style of communications and interactions which fosters trust, loyalty and increases productivity.