Emotional Regulation

All humans are susceptible to having our better judgment high-jacked by our emotions.  Whether it is anger or any other emotion, managing feelings effectively requires the same knowledge, insight and strategies.  Because all emotions emanate from the same part of the brain, the principles for understanding and managing emotions will apply to the wide range of human emotions.

The Emotional Regulation training is an experiential training in which attendees will learn about the structures of the brain that govern emotions, the important role emotions play in life, how to regulate and manage feelings in an appropriate manner.  As with all Epic Corporate trainings, this is an experiential training that has been developed from years of clinical work with those struggling with emotional regulation, coupled with the latest research in how best to manage our emotional lives.  Although the principles are universal, attendees will be guided to understanding their own personal triggers and developing their own, personally tailored strategies for successfully dealing with emotions.

Effective Decision Making is not a standard, off-the-shelf training designed to fulfill an HR requirement, but an extraordinarily unique experiential training forged from a synthesis of cutting edge concepts and practices derived from psychotherapy, executive leadership consulting, and years of experience working with executive bullies who have successfully acquired skills to manage anger without losing their completive intensity.