Relationship Management

We all have relationships to manage, be they in the work place or personal life.  The Relationship Management experiential training enables attendees to learn how to navigate the most important aspects of relationships:  boundaries, appropriate self-expression, conflict management, and relationship recovery.  The relationship management training is based on years of clinical experience in private practice as well as years of corporate experience and knowing what works in the corporate setting.  This training transcends just learning better interpersonal skills for the work place, but builds self-awareness and personal integrity to serve people in all aspects of life.  

Attendees will learn how to effectively recognize and set their own boundaries.  Specifically, attendees will learn how to manage their finite resources and say “no” to requests that cannot be honored without considerable compromise to self, colleagues and productivity.

Specific emphasis is placed on the art of relationship recovery (i.e. cleaning up your mess and apologizing).  Effective recovery only happens by taking full ownership of the transgression and establishing accountability through agreements for behavior change.  Adopting these proven strategies will enable one to move a relationship towards repair, build trust and increase productivity.

Relationship Management Training is not a standard, off-the-shelf training designed to fulfill an HR requirement, but an extraordinarily unique experiential training forged from a synthesis of cutting edge concepts and practices derived from psychotherapy, executive leadership consulting, and years of experience coaching corporate America how to navigate relationships in the work place as well as all areas of their lives.